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Cambodia 2011 – Arrival

A watery welcome in Siem Reap.

The team has all gathered safely together in Cambodia. For this trip there is a small team of 6; 3 doctors, 2 nurses, and a co-coordinator. We breezed through customs, and were met by Sivpheng, our local host.

The heat and humidity was immediately apparent even though it was 9am when we arrived. Much of the surrounding areas are flooded, a result of the recent rains. The hospital is said to be surrounded by water….like a small island. The ride to the hospital tomorrow for the first day will be interesting.

For the remainder of the day the team will relax after all the traveling, and continue to bond. The hotel is comfortable, with good internet access in the lobby….so please check back  to follow our progress.

We are all excited about this location as this is a second trip for Plasticos to a very well organized pediatric hospital.

Rachel (OR Nurse)


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