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A Patient Returns

The Cambodian parents have been very gracious about sharing their children’s stories.  One of those stories started over a year ago. The father of this little girl from Koskong province told us that she was walking behind her house holding her mother’s hand about 6 a.m. one morning when a

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A Cambodian Tale

During the “killing fields” in Cambodia, doctors, nurses, educators, and literate people were killed.  The Pol Pot regime believed that they could control the people, as long as they were not educated. Sophy Khan was a young boy who lived with his family in the city of Phnom Penh. They

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Cambodia 2011 – Arrival

The team has all gathered safely together in Cambodia. For this trip there is a small team of 6; 3 doctors, 2 nurses, and a co-coordinator. We breezed through customs, and were met by Sivpheng, our local host. The heat and humidity was immediately apparent even though it was 9am

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Plasticos in Armenia

Today I met with 8 of our patients for follow up. Two of them were had cleft operation, others were with contractors and keloids. All of them were very happy especially their parents. Vladik who had perianal keloids and has been operated for that was jumping all the time, he

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Final thoughts on Armenia from the Team Leader

Armenia, as all of our trips overseas, has been a wonderful, heart-warming and incredibly fulfilling experience, teeming with overwhelming kindness and caring by our staff and hosts alike.    What is truly exciting about Armenia is the opportunity to establish a self sustaining program of plastic surgery care for children and

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From our Anesthesiologist

The number of children requiring surgical repair turned out to be so high that we started operating on the first day and did not stop until the last day of the mission.  Although the workload was tremendous, the smiling and appreciative faces of children and parents were extremely rewarding.  Furthermore,

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A Fond Farewell

About two weeks ago I met the Plasticos Foundation team, which came to Armenia to help children with different types of pathologies.  What happened next was completely unexpected for me.  I was absolutely amazed and fascinated with love and care which was in the eyes of each member of the

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Lip Service: Orphanage Babies

I will never forget several of the children and infants I was privileged to care for in Armenia. Many were from the orphanages. Despite the hub-bub of activity and cacophony of background noise including languages foreign to their ear they seem delighted to have stimulation to the otherwise presumably sterile

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A great accomplishment

      Our time in Armenia has come to an end. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of the Plasticos group, and I am proud of the work that we have done for the children of Armenia.  We pre-screened over 250 children before we came, and

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From our Coordinator and Team Leader

Our Armenian heritage was a prominent factor in instituting Plasticos’ mission their country. Grandparents on both sides came from eastern Turkey/Armenia over a century ago. Friends and family told us of children placed in state run orphanages because of congenital anomalies. Some had parents, some not. Correction of these abnormalities

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