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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in Cambodia

Our mission is bittersweet. Yesterday, with the help of two Cambodian surgeons, I unlocked the hidden hand of a quiet and beautiful 7 year old girl named Samuth . In the Cambodian language of Khmer, the word for beautiful is pronounced Sa’ad. The irony and double entendre was that her

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Second Day of Surgery- 4th Day

Today is our fourth day at the Angkor Hospital for Children.  The sky is overcast threatening rain as the Plasticos team walk to the Hospital already at 7:30 AM, the heat and humidity are stifling as we enter a side door into a hallway, past the surgical ward to the

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First Day of Surgery- 3rd Day

The team started the day at 7AM with anticipation for the first day of surgery. We walked over to the Hospital, a mere 3 blocks from the hotel, and set up for a full day. There is an ease about working in the Angkor Hospital. When entering the hospital the

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Screening Patients- 2nd Day

On June 21, 2010, the team screened over 62 children with burns, cleft lips and palates, orthopedic disabilities, and craniofacial issues.  From this group, 20 were chosen for surgery.  All the patients were in need of surgery, but the 20 were picked both because of need, and importantly, their teaching

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The Angkor Hospital For Children- 2nd Day

On Monday, June 21st, Sivpheng (the Cambodian coordinator for volunteers) gave the Plasticos Team a tour of the Angkor Hospital for Children (where we will be operating).  We were very impressed with the organization and facilities offered for the patients. At the time the hospital was founded in the mid

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Arrived in Cambodia!- 1st Day

On June 20th, the Plasticos Team arrived in Cambodia! We traveled for 20 hours from LA to Bangkok and then to Siem Reap, Cambodia. After arriving we went straight from the airport to the Angkor Hospital for Children (where we will be performing surgeries). We dropped off and organized our

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Armenia end of trip

   We want to thank everyone who participated in this site visit with special thanks to our hosts.   Steve and Iris Lazarian our wonderful, warm and welcoming hosts.  They introduced us to this wonderful country and people  and their  own passionate and generous endeavors to improve the quality of life in Armenia especially,

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Armenia day 5 and 6

Well, our trip is nearing the end with today being our last visits.  Yesterday was Sunday and some down time,  we had a chance to rest , recharge our physical and emotional batteries and take in some local culture.  The food, as many of you may know, is amazing.  We

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Armenia site visit day 3

Today we traveled through rain, sleet and snow to Gyumri where we visited a Medical Clinic, Children’s Hospital , a kindergarten and orphanage.  The highlight of the day was sharing time with 119 orphans under the age of 7  of which about 20% required some type of corrective surgery.  The Austrian Children’s

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