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First Day of Surgery- 3rd Day

The team started the day at 7AM with anticipation for the first day of surgery. We walked over to the Hospital, a mere 3 blocks from the hotel, and set up for a full day.

There is an ease about working in the Angkor Hospital. When entering the hospital the Ward is directly on the left, continuing down the hall straight ahead is the Recovery room then the OR. Linda and Jessie set up the prep station in the Recovery room next to Lucy (Recovery Nurse). The OR is well equip with a new anesthesia machine, and the necessary medical tools. The Plasticos Team brought much of their own instruments and equipment, but were pleasantly surprised to see the facilities.

The day began with a cleft lip surgery, followed by a reconstruction of a burn contracture on a hand. The surgeries lasted around an hour and a half each. Dr. Nichter partnered with the local surgeon, showing him some new techniques. The nurses, including Mia, Elena and Lucy also worked well with the Cambodian staff.

Nhan Seang before surgery

Nhan Seang immediately after surgery

Overall the first day ran smoothly and successfully. The Plasticos team performed 6 surgeries and the families were incredibly thankful and happy to see their children’s lives change.


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