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From our Anesthesiologist

Dr. Iravani

The number of children requiring surgical repair turned out to be so high that we started operating on the first day and did not stop until the last day of the mission.  Although the workload was tremendous, the smiling and appreciative faces of children and parents were extremely rewarding.  Furthermore, knowing that a procedure such as a burn contracture release enables a child to use her arm or fingers again was an immense boost of energy to me. I remember one particular child who always had a beaming smile and would roam the hallways snatching every opportunity to practice her knowledge of English language on me, which in her case solely included the word “hello”.  Postoperatively, on my visit to the recovery room, I found her teary-eyed and in pain but she still managed to give me a smile and greeted me with her delightful “hello” immediately followed by her newly acquired vocabulary: “thank you”.  Fortunately, I was able to find some torodol for her.

Mohamad Iravani, MD



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