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Plasticos in Armenia

Today I met with 8 of our patients for follow up. Two of them were had cleft operation, others were with contractors and keloids.
All of them were very happy especially their parents. Vladik who had perianal keloids and has been operated for that was jumping all the time, he can seat and play. After dressing they went back to their home, which is near to Iranian boarder, In Meghri (8hours drive).
Alvina (girl with keloids on her face) smiled all the time and even had brought bunch of flowers for me. All of them were filled with gratitude to all of us who ran this project.
After that I met with Dr. Ara Minasyan. We had a little talk about this project and he is expecting to have you again soon. Till today I get new phone calls from different people, some of them have children with clefts. The patient parents were asking me to inform them about the next project availability so that their friend children would have opportunity for having surgery by you.
I think, soon I will need to meet with new patients and register into my list (if you prom is to come again soon!!!!!).
Dr. Minasyan and his team were happy with the results.
I went to the Health Ministry today and got the DVD of video report about plasticos and the project. They got also the copy of the report publish on “Iravunk” newspaper. The Health Minister, Mr. Kushkian is also expecting to have you back sometimes.

Plasticos Foundation was mentioned in the Armenian newspaper, "Iravunk"

The dressings have been done by one of the Traumatologist who assisted you during operations .
Dr. Vardan observed the patients with clefts.
After all I had meeting with my team members, Nellie and Dr. Artsrun to discuss the results during lunch time.
 Hope you are fine and doing well!
Dr. Syuzanna


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