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Reshaping Lives California

There is a common misconception that in the United States, surgery is accessible to everyone. However, each year in our community, thousands of men, women and children are unable to receive life-changing surgical care, for many reasons including:

  • Unstable housing
  • Lack of health insurance
  • Inadequate health insurance
  • Ineligibility for publicly sponsored programs
  • Exhaustion of government sponsored programs

Mission Plasticos’ community-based humanitarian program, Reshaping Lives California strives to fill the gap by performing reconstructive surgery on select local patients, free of charge.

Individuals seeking reconstructive surgical treatment may be referred through a local agency or contact Mission Plasticos directly.  The path to transformation includes:

  • Financial qualification application
  • Medical screening application
  • Office visit and evaluation by a plastic surgeon
  • Pre-operative lab testing
  • Reconstructive surgery at a local outpatient surgery center
  • At least one post-operative appointment.


The best examples of good health care happen when medical professionals and communities come together, working concurrently to empower community members in establishing positive relationships with their own health. Through volunteer efforts abroad and at home, Mission Plasticos is bringing us one step closer to achieving good health care, one patient at a time.

I am so blessed to have been a beneficiary of the services of Mission Plasticos. Not only did they perform a life-saving procedure on me at no financial cost to me, but absolutely everyone with whom I worked through the whole process; from the initial application and consultation, through the surgical procedure itself, and the post-op follow-ups, were consummate skilled professionals, and demonstrated truly authentic care and compassion as well. I will be forever grateful to this organization.” -Karene

To apply for surgery, please submit completed forms by mail:

Mission Plasticos
Attn: Reshaping Lives CA
8502 E. Chapman Ave., #447
Orange, CA 92869

or e-mail to:


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