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Screening Patients- 2nd Day

On June 21, 2010, the team screened over 62 children with burns, cleft lips and palates, orthopedic disabilities, and craniofacial issues.  From this group, 20 were chosen for surgery.  All the patients were in need of surgery, but the 20 were picked both because of need, and importantly, their teaching value.  There was a variety of unique cases including cleft lip or palate, burn contractures and hand deformities.

Paul, the pediatrician says, “Plasticos was here, not only to treat, but very importantly, to partner with local staff in the care of their children.  The surgeons in attendance chose the types of surgeries they wished to refine their skills and to learn new and different techniques.”

Dr. Perry (Anesthesiologist), Dr. Vann Thy (local doctor in Siem Reap, Cambodia) and Dr. Nichter (Plastic Surgeon) screening patients

The day went very smoothly, and much was accomplished. In fact, following the day of screening, there were two emergency cases in the hospital, one of which was a 6 year old girl who was bitten by a snake on her foot. The team quickly put on their scrubs and jumped into the OR where they assisted in the emergency operation.

Xray from Snake Bite

Snake Bite on 6 yr old girl

The staff indicated that their biggest need was to learn western surgical techniques to better serve their community. The team has been working one on one with the doctors and nurses to meet this need.


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