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Rachel Russell


Rachel Russell joined Plasticos Foundation in 2005 after a nursing colleague casually asked, “Who wants to go to Brazil with me?” That first question developed into experience traveling with the team, to eventually becoming director of materials and a board member. Rachel’s primary focus is to make sure that the team has the equipment needed to conduct surgery safely in the host countries; tailoring supplies to the traveling team members, and to the host hospital and patients’ needs.

Rachel continues to support Plasticos because of the sustainability of its mission; offering education in reconstructive surgical techniques to talented overseas surgeons and nurses, who typically do not have access to this specialized training, so that they can continue to care for their patients long after the Plasticos team has left.

Rachel Russell started her nursing career in the UK. In 1993 she took up a temporary nursing contract in California and eventually settled in Orange County. She currently specializes in cardiothoracic operating room nursing with a well-respected heart team in Newport Beach.


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