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Plasticos Mission to Cambodia!

The Plasticos Team will travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia to perform plastic reconstructive surgeries– as well as teach local doctors and nurses the complicated western surgical techniques, such as burned hand releases and cleft lip repair. The mission in June 2010 will be for 6 days, consisting of a small group of 8 people including: Dr. Larry Nichter (the trip leader/Plastic Surgeon), Paul Quintana (Pediatrician), Chris Perry (Anesthesiologist), Elena Hopkins (RN/FA), Mia Powell (RN), Lucy Cubias (RN/Recovery), Linda Nguyen (Trip Coordinator), and Jessie Horowitz (Asst. Coordinator/Documentarian).

Cambodia is about half the size of Vietnam with a population of 14 million people. Although a beautiful country, filled with rich culture and history, there is a high level of poverty, with 1/3rd of the population living off of less than 1 dollar a day. The Plasticos Team will perform surgeries in Siem Reap, located in Northwestern Cambodia with a population of 900,000 people.


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